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Swirl Society is an independent Interracial Dating website for black women looking to date and meet men outside their race including news, analysis and satire.

We publish interesting and thought-provoking content daily on our free-to-access website and forum, offering readers a vibrant mix of fresh, intelligent perspectives.

Swirl SocietyHad over 94,994 hits in July 2011 up from 11,784 hits in July 2010.  

By choosing to advertise with Swirl Society your business is gaining direct access to a loyal, discerning and affluent audience who want to make a positive difference to the world around them.

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Swirl Society will not accept advertising that is misleading or encourages discrimination, exploitation, financial over-commitment, militarism, waste or pollution.

Advertising revenue assists Swirl Society in achieving our aim to provide a viable media alternative for its users and all profits from advertising will go to support Black Infant Health in America.

We encourage users to support the advertisers who support us.

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Support Black Infant Health today by donating securely via Paypal today donate as little as $1 to help fight the alarming 12% rate of black infants who die in America. 

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